Royal Salop Infirmary

The Royal Salop Infirmary was built as a subscription hospital for the people of Shropshire, work started in 1826 and was completed by 1830. The architect, E.H. Haycock, designed the building in 'Greek Revival' style, of which he was a master.

Expansion of the Building

In 1870 a further cross wing was added in matching style. By 1915 crude steel and glass balconies had been added to allow Great War patients to enjoy the River view. The Second World War brought an operating theatre suite constructed on the roof. A top floor concrete veranda and balcony was constructed to link the two cross wings and a 5 storey sluice block was added.

The Transformation

The top three floors would become residential and the lower two floors for specialist shopping. The corridor plan of the building allowed a simple division of the ward spaces into 31 apartments.Key ingredients were the removal of: the whole of the top floor operating suites, rear concrete balconies and 4 storey sluice block. The adjoining sheds and boiler rooms were demolished and the stone work repaired and replaced, according to the original design.

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